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 Download Ventrilo here or you can go to the Links page of this site to get to their home page.

   installation readme.txt - needed to connect to the Prevert's Lair Ventrilo server

       Ventrilo is the preferred voice chat on Prevert's Lair.  Ventrilo helps lower server lag by reducing bandwidth and it provides a much clearer sound then the standard in-game voice-chat.  In addition, a speaker will no longer display over your head, which can give away cloaked aliens.  Currently Ventrilo is only available for windows but they are working on Linux. You will still need to download the readme (click link above) that shows exactly how to connect to the Prevert's Lair Ventrilo server and begin your crisp, clear chat session.

        BASIC RULES:

                 1.) If you are on the marine team make sure to switch to the marine channel if you are not already on it.  Same goes for the alien team/channel.

                 2.) If caught on the marine channel while on the alien team or vice versa, you will get kicked from the channel.  If caught again you will get a one week ban from the game server, and a permanent ban if caught a third time.

                 3.) These rules will be displayed on the NS server (type /rules in chat) so there are will be no accepted excuses if caught.  They are also contained in the readme.

        These rules are to keep the game fun and enjoyable for everyone, please do not break the rules and ruin the experience for everyone

        Current Channel Passwords:

                 alien channel - hive

                 marine channel - commander

             NOTE - Passwords are case sensitive so make sure your caps lock isn't on if you can't get in.


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