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          These donations will be used to keep the Natural Selection server and the Ventrilo servers alive and will be made directly to our Clan servers account.  If you want to get a personalized custom icon or a reserved slot you MUST register on our forums and use the same e-mail to register that you will use while paying.  After paying, e-mail us your Steam ID and player name to so we can enable your personalized custom icon or reserved slot.  For pricing packages for icons and reserved slots see below:

Personalized Custom Icons

2 Months - $5.00

6 Months - $13.75

12 Months - $24.75


Reserved Slots

1 Month - $8.50

6 Months - $48.50

12 Months - $92.50


Personalized Custom Icons + Reserved Slot

1 Month - $9.95

6 Months - $57.75

12 Months - $111.25

          For more info on how to get your personalized custom icon please refer to the announcements section on the forums.  Also any donation you would like to make to help keep the server alive would be greatly appreciated.


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