About the Prevert's


About the Prevert's
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          PREVERT-MAXIMUS  -  He is the starter of the clan and has played Natural Selection from the release of version 1.  He has been mapping for about 6 years and has made a few NS and CO maps.  He is an excellent Commander as well as an Onos and gorge.  He is also very deadly with an HMG/JP combo.

          prevert-breasthound  -  I am PREVERT-MAXIMUS'S son and have been playing NS and HL for just as long as him.  I made and maintain this website as well as the server and am very good in the fighting aspect of NS and CO.  Although I am not a bad commander I would rather be in the field.  As an alien most would rather be on my team if I have a chance to go Fade.  I am also moderately good at all other lifeforms except Onos.  My skills as a marine encompass all weapons enough to let me kill efficiently enough to get the job done.

          prevert-FrankO - HE COMES THROUGH THE VALLEY! ITS FRANK, O! (real description coming soon!)

          prevert-Noshadow - Pressure/Support Marine /RT Killer /gorge /Fade

          prevert-Tweadle - Pressure Marine /Lerk /Fade

          prevert-DreamingFairy - Lerk /Pressure Marine /Commander

          prevert-lagga - Pressure Marine /Lerk /Fade /Skulk

          prevert-Jaweese - Pressure Marine /Fade

          prevert-Admirable - Commander /Pressure Marine /Gorge /Lerk /Fade

          prevert-meta4 - Pressure /Support Marine /Lerk /Fade /Skulk

          prevert-Noxolan - Commander /Pressure /Support Marine /Fade /Skulk

          prevert-SilverWolf - Pressure Marine /skulk

          prevert-nightwing - Support Marine /Skulk /Lerk

          Prevert-Lorz - Support Marine /Lerk /Gorge

          prevert-nesquik - Marine /Skulk /Fade /Lerk

Honorary Preverts

        prevert-Tours - Pressure Marine /Comm /Fade

          prevert-minimus  -  He is an excellent gorge and is an excellent map maker as well. He has been mapping for a few years and has made multiple maps for NS which will be played on our server PREVERT'S LAIR v3.0 BETA 5 and also available for download from the Prevert's Custom Maps section of the site.

          PREVERT-ULTIMUS  -  Although new to NS he is using his experience from Opposing and Half-LIfe multiplayer to adapt well.  He is good at combat and is learning the flow of gameplay on regular NS maps as well.

          Prevert-Rorthic - Lerk /Support Marine /Backup Commander

          prevert-hammah - Support Marine /Backup Commander /Any lifeform



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